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Amateur Radio Antenna Analyzer Kit by VK5JST

Purchasing an antenna analyzer can be very expensive. Analyzers range in price from $300 up to $10,000 or more. Come on folks, this is a hobby here. I wish I had that much money to spend on ham radio. Thankfully there is an antenna analyzer kit put out by a ham radio club in Australia that is wonderful. It's the VK5JST AERIAL ANALYSER designed by Jim. (See notes at the end of this article for how to order and contact the ham radio club)


Antenna Analyzer End View

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Palstar ZM30 Antenna Analyzer Review

This is a review for the Palstar ZM30 Antenna Analyzer. When you buy something from Palstar, you are buying a product from a good company. Palstar's customer service is very good and their quality is good as well. Many people I know speak highly of Palstar and their products. The Palstar ZM30 Antenna Analyzer is no exception.


AIM 4170C Antenna Analyzer

When shopping for a ham radio antenna analyzer or arial analyzer as some call it, it is goodo to consider the AIM 4170 Antenna Analyzer. Before buying it though, please review some of the details about the AIM 4170 antenna analyzer. Those are listed here below. Antenna analyzers can be very useful when building ham radio antennas. I know that often times I would construct an antenna by doing the measurements correct and cutting the feedline to the right length only to get high SWR on my antenna.


RigExpert AA-500 Resources

The RigExpert AA-500 is a moderately priced antenna analyzer.


Antenna Analyzers Listed by Ratings

Here are links to's antenna analyzer reviews. I've removed antenna analyzers which cost more than $1,000. There are several out there, but face it, who wants to spend that much on an antenna analyzer. I would rather spend more time talking on the air.

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